Lemon Bars

by NICHOLAS AMMATURO on March 15th, 2016

So it’s March and snowing here in NY…lucky us. My partner Rich & I just got back from Colorado, which was 50 degrees and gorgeous. I am very confused. Say Hi Rich! BTW we didn’t ski out of bounds, but the fact that these signs exist, scares me. I have been past the sign before, but figured I would like to keep Rich alive after his first ski trip out west.

When I get snowed in, I suddenly forget about calories and the general health of anyone I am feeding. It’s time to bulk up. In between work emails and conference calls, one of my best friends (Joshy), is going through my collection of Food Network Magazine’s and picking out favorite recipes, scanning them and categorizing them for me. Our house is very lucky to have Joshy, he keeps sh*t in check.

We stumbled upon this recipe from Paul Deen from the May 2013 Issue and it just so happens I had everything in house for this recipe.

I am looking out into the backyard and wishing it was time to break out the smoker, but figured no better way to get ready for spring than with some fresh Lemon Bars.




For the crust:

For the filling:

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